All of my instrumental tracks can be supplied in various lengths to cater for any platform – whether that be for TV ads, TV drama spots, movie soundtracks, social media videos and visual content as well general events music. 

I update my music catalogue regularly but if you require something totally unique from scratch then please get in touch. 


The majority of my full tracks are recorded at demo phase but these can supplied as full finished masters if need be. The purpose of these tracks is to give signed artists a sample of what the melody and lyrical content is before he/she/they re-records it all again to make it their own. 

If you hear anything you like the sound of then please get in touch to discuss how we can work together on getting the ball rolling! 

On a side note…if you only wish to discuss using my lyrics or music (one without the other) then I am more than happy to chat about this too!


All tracks uploaded to my MUSIC PAGE are solely owned by myself (Nathan Bennett). I am an honest guy who lives an honest life and I hope you are able to respect my work and give credit where credit is due. My process is very simple…..if you hear something you like (or want to just use my lyrics with your own music) then all you need to do is get in touch with me and we’ll chat about the best step to make it work for both of us. 

My fee is purely based on what the project is. It is impossible to compile a price list when each project throws up different usage rights and of course what the audience is going to be. I am also happy to discuss complete buy-out terms which means that track in question will be removed from my site and all rights handed over to you. 

I am also interested in working with other songwriters to work on co-writes for any project.